Bedford Logistics offers intermodal services. Depending on the destination, weight and transit time required for your move, intermodal may be a viable option to move your freight.

Generally, railroads carry shipments during the long-haul leg of the journey. Our professionals search intermodal train routes and schedules to find the optimal train for your freight. We have great relationships with thousands of trucking and drayage companies as well as our own company trucking assets, so we get your shipment to and from the rail terminal and on to its final stop cost-effectively, efficiently and safely using a range of intermodal carriers.

The Benefits of Intermodal Transportation

Compared with truck transport, trains move many more tons of freight on much less fuel. When you use rail for the long-distance component of your shipment, you’re helping to conserve energy and protect the environment.

Intermodal costs, especially with an extensive rail component, are lower than truck-only transport. Long-distance trucking comes with high costs and shortages of drivers, increasing fuel prices, restricted hours of operation, and possibly limited capacity when and where you need to ship.

Shipping from one end of the continental 48 states to the other is relatively simple. Rail lines form an unbroken rail network that stretches from the Pacific Ocean to the Atlantic, with branches heading north and south at regular intervals.

Shipment safety is another benefit. With fewer accidents, railroads are typically safer than over-the-road truck transport, especially when it comes to containers carrying hazardous materials. Plus, the rate of theft from trains is lower than that associated with trucks.

Is Intermodal Shipping Your Best Option?

Bedford Logistics, a leading intermodal logistics company, will help you answer that question. Generally, intermodal shipments are ideal for distant destinations that are within 200 – 300 miles of a major metropolitan area, as these areas are more likely to be near rail lines.

If you determine that intermodal transportation is the right solution for your freight, be sure to work with an experienced logistics company like ours. We handle your freight shipping from start to finish — making all the arrangements, negotiating rates with rail and trucking companies, and tracking your shipment for you. Save yourself the time that could be better spent on managing your business.

Questions about this service? Please contact Bedford Logistics for assistance.