Full Truckload (TL)

Full Truckload (TL)

Bedford Logistics offers nationwide truckload (TL) services through an extensive network of more than 4,000 vetted TL carriers, our own company assets, and Ryder’s vast warehousing and distribution facilities. With virtually unlimited capacity, we get your freight to its destination quickly and safely, and at competitive rates. Focus on your business and leave the management of your truckload shipments to the experts at Bedford Logistics.

Work with a Full Truckload Carrier

What is a full truckload shipment? When you ship freight of a considerable size, it can be transported as a single load — no other freight travels with it and no stops are made along the way to pick up or drop off other shipments. Your trailer picks up and delivers your shipment alone. To qualify for full truckload shipping, your freight must occupy all or most of the space on a truck (up to 53 feet) and weigh between 15,000 and 45,000 pounds.

Let Bedford Logistics manage your full truckload shipping for you. As a logistics company, we use our size, capacity, technology, experience and specialized knowledge to get you better service and rates than you could obtain on your own. Whether you ship every day or just a few times a year, we have the services and skills to simplify your shipping process.

Benefits of Full Truckload Shipping

  • The truck makes a single pickup and a single drop-off, and fewer stops means lower rates.
  • With no stops at hubs or distribution centers, freight handling is reduced, which lowers the risk of damage.
  • Full truckload is the fastest shipping service because the truck travels to a single destination.

Why Our Customers Choose Bedford Logistics

Our long-term relationships with leading, reliable carriers across the nation allow us to maximize efficiency while minimizing costs. We manage the quoting process for you and find the best TL carriers with the best lanes for your shipments.

With access to warehousing and distribution facilities as well as our own and other carriers’ trucking assets, Bedford Logistics can meet all your shipping needs. Plus, we track your shipments, process your shipping orders and paperwork, audit invoices and payment, notify you of deliveries and provide custom reporting. Shipping doesn’t get any easier than this!

Questions about this service? Please contact Bedford Logistics for assistance.