To complete the logistics solution for each customer, Bedford Logistics offers drayage services. Drayage is the transporting of freight — usually in containers via truck — over short distances as part of a longer-length haul. Drayage carriers truck containers from port to port, from port to rail terminal, from warehouse or distribution center to a port or rail terminal, or simply to their final locations via truck.

This service is referred to as intermodal drayage when more than one mode of transportation is utilized to get a shipment from one location to another — for example, a container is transported from a ship to rail, truck to rail, or ship to truck during the journey to its final destination.

Logistics Company Gets the Job Done

Bedford Logistics enjoys positive, long-term relationships with many drayage companies, allowing us to complete the supply chain process while offering the best shipping rates possible to our customers. We specialize in drayage services involving overweight and hazmat (hazardous materials) containers.

We handle drayage from any location, but our areas of strength are Savannah, Atlanta, Chicago, Los Angeles, Houston, Charleston, Oakland, Seattle, Kansas City, Memphis, Columbus, Cincinnati and Cleveland.

We may be transporting your containers via more than one drayage move during its journey from origin to final delivery, but whether one or more drayage legs are involved, you need the expertise of experienced, knowledgeable professionals to coordinate complicated freight shipments like these. From cost estimates to the arrival of your containers at their final stop — and everything else in between — Bedford Logistics gets your freight where you want it, safely and efficiently.

Questions about this service? Please contact Bedford Logistics for assistance.